Traveling in Thassos

Limenaria Beach

The beach extends from Limenaria Trypiti to the village.

It is long and wide and organized in many places.

The beach has sand and a few pebbles, while its access is easy.

Potos Beach

Potos Beach is the beach of the homonymous village. It is an organized beach with clear and shallow waters.

Its access is easy and you will find all the modern comforts as there are many shops for your needs.

Potos beach is lively because of the concentration of many young people.

On its one edge, you will meet St. Anthony beach.


Golden Beach

Golden Beach is the largest beach of the island and is located on the east side of the island. Its other end is Chrisi Akti, Skala Potamias' beach.

Popular, lively, with shallow clear water, organized and blue flag holder.

The name derives from the color that reflects the sand in sunlight.

It is known as Avlakia or Skala Panagias.

Access and parking near the beach is easy and accessible for the people with disabilities. The area is ideal for walks especially towards Skala Potamias.

Psili Ammos Beach

Psili Ammos is located in the southern part of Thassos. Access to the beach is easy and there is parking in an olive grove above it.

The beach - a pole of attraction of many young people - is organized and there are places to eat.

The sea is shallow with thin white sand and it is said to have healing abilities.

Salonikios Beach

Salonikios Beach is located in Astris region, the southernmost point of the island, and it was named from the cape.

Salonikios beach is a organized beach that stands for peace and tranquility. It is sandy, inside and outside, with crystal waters.

Access to the beach is via a dirt road. The route is easy but needs attention.


Alikes are located in the southeastern side of Thassos and consist of two bays with beaches of pebbles, sand and crystal waters. The bays are used as a natural harbor of small fish.

The west beach is lively, organized with taverns and ouzo bars. The eastern beach is quiet and not so organized.

Next to the beaches is located a peninsular of archaeological interest, ideal for short hikes. In ancient times it is said that it was the kingdom of Aliki, and it had large population and a big port. Hence, the archaeological interest appers at the ancient settlement, the two early Christian basilicas and the marble quarry.

Mount Ipsario

While, the lovers of mountainous escapes and walking in the woods can enjoy a walk to the summit of Mount Ipsario (Psario).

Mount Ipsario is the biggest mountain of Thassos and its top is located at 1204 m. above sea level.

There are many hiking trails that lead you to the mountain top. These trails pass through the forest and you will be compensated by the spectacular view of the Aegean Sea.